Welcome to Ark.au

How much can the modern world teach us about the ancient world — and the reverse? How did people live before modern technology?

Access to Information

Right now is a unique time in the entire history of the world. Centuries of information lie at our fingertips.

Lost Knowledge

Yet most people today have forgotten the basics, that sustained humanity for millennia.


There has never been a better time, ever, for modern technology to teach us about ancient technology.

Welcome to Ark.au.
Ancient Meets Modern.

How much of yesterday's knowledge might help us now ? And how much of today's knowledge will really be left for future civilisations?

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The Latest from Ark.au

AI Illustrated Bible - Ark.au

AI Illustrated Bible

The Ark.au AI Illustrated Bible is a significant update to the existing Bible versions provided here. The project (which began early January 2024) is ongoing, and the first illustrations have been added. There are currently

Strong's Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic Lexicon - Ark.au

Strong's Biblical Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic Lexicon

Search for any word in the Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic lexicon (which is a fancy word for dictionary) to see information about the word. Some of the information is displayed in an interactive pie chart

About Ark.au - Ark.au

About Ark.au

About Ark.au Ark.au is a brand new site as of 17 July 2021. On 18 July, I put on some pages of animals — since you can't have an ark without animals, obviously. So far there

Multi-Choice Bible Reader - Ark.au

Multi-Choice Bible Reader

Read through each bible verse of your choice, one word at a time, in a multiple choice format. An aid to learning the Bible in Engligh, or ancient original languages.

Selectable Bible Chapter Greek and Hebrew Quiz - Ark.au

Selectable Bible Chapter Greek and Hebrew Quiz

Pick any chapter of the Bible and you can quiz the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament words in that chapter.

Silver Scat - Ark.au

Silver Scat

Scribbled Angelfish - Ark.au

Scribbled Angelfish

The distinctively coloured Scribbled Angelfish has a colourful, dark blue body with pale blue horizontal scribbles. Yellow snout. Vertical yellow band behind pectoral fin. Large white patch behind its head. Yellow horizontal stripe below the

Red Sea Urchin - Ark.au

Red Sea Urchin

Lifespan often exceeds 30 years, and scientists have found some specimens to be over 200 years old! They have the ability to regenerate lost spines.

Rock Cale - Ark.au

Rock Cale

Bengal Sergeant - Ark.au

Bengal Sergeant

Pale grey body with seven thinnish black vertical stripes.

Scissortail Sergeant - Ark.au

Scissortail Sergeant

The Scissortail Sergeant has a white or pale blue body, with five vertical black bands. Two horizontal bands are also often (but not always) present on the lobes of their tail. Their common name comes

Blue Tang - Ark.au

Blue Tang

The Blue Tang, has a bright royal blue body, yellow tail, with black patches/swirl in a "palette" shape. They are rather flat, like a pancake, with a circular body shape, a pointed snout-like nose, and

Shark Ray - Ark.au

Shark Ray

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has assessed the Shark Ray as Critically endangered in 2019, delisted from the vulnerable category, along with many other guitarfish species. It's threatened by fishing and by

Eastern Rock Blackfish - Ark.au

Eastern Rock Blackfish

The Eastern Rock Blackfish may live as long as 45 years.

Moonlighter - Ark.au


The Moonlighter is closely related to the Mado and the Stripey. Though it can be sometimes confused with butterflyfishes.

Silver Bream - Ark.au

Silver Bream