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The AI Illustrated Bible is a significant update to the existing Bible versions provided here. The project (which began early January 2024) is ongoing, and the first illustrations have been added. There are currently about 250 illustrations and this will increase over 2024 to at least one per chapter.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has been used to create most of the illustrations in this Bible. Others are obtained from various sources, for example the French artist Gustave Doré  who published in the 1860s. Some of the illustrations are better than others, and many of the existing illustrations will be refined/improved.

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Some of the features of the AI Illustrated Bible are:

  • Illustrations from many styles and genres, for greater variety and interest (unlike most illustrated Bibles which use one style).
  • Many different public domain Bible translations.
  • Original language — Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament, and Greek for the New Testament.
  • The original language Bible can be displayed on the same page as the English translation, or on it's own page, or not at all.
  • Each verse number in the AI Illustrated Bible is a link to the Multi-Choice Bible Reader method for reading the original language for that verse. This can also be used to memorise the English of the verse, even without knowing any Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic.
  • An original language audio player for the spoken audio of each Bible verse, which can play at speeds of 1x, 0.75x, 0.5x, and 0.33x.
  • The root (i.e. basic meaning) words shown while Multiple Choice Bible reading are links to the definitions of those words, plus other information about the words (some in a graphical format).

More features to come...


More complete instructions will be added soon.

If the default "parallel language" feature (i.e. displaying the original language text beside the English) annoys you, you can turn it off from the link near the bottom of the page. However the idea of an Ark is to hold ancient wisdom for the future generations — and even if you can't read the text, if you think of it this way (perhaps like going to a museum), the original language can be seen as part of the ambience of the display, and give the reading experience more of a feeling of going back into an ancient world.

Also, clicking on the verse numbers leads to a very easy way of reading the original language text of that verse. This should work for every verse in the Bible, though there may be a few occasional bugs still.

You can also change the English translation from the links provided. The default is the World English Bible which is a good modern translation that's easy to read and quite accurate to the original language text. The King James Version is also there, plus several others. Many people might not realise that most of the familiar Bible translations today (basically all of the most popular ones except for the King James) are copyrighted.

The Bible should work well on almost any kind of device including phones, tables, and full size computers.

More instructions to follow soon...

Also this page will be improved in the future...

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