Rock Cale

Rock Cale -

Aplodactylus lophodon

Other Names: Cockatoo Fish, Cocky, Joey, Rock Cocky, Sea Carp, Crinodus lophodon.

Family: Aplodactylidae

Size: To 35 cm

Distribution: The Rock Cale occurs in shallow coastal waters from northern New South Wales to northern Victoria.

Status: Least concern. No known major threats to this species.

Habitat: The Rock Cale is a very common fish in the exposed shores of the central New South Wales coast. It occurs from the surface down to about 10 m depth, often in the exposed intertidal surf zone.

References: Australian Museum,

Field Marks: Juvenile rock cales have an obvious "ear spot".

Rock Cale - Aplodactylus lophodon
Photo taken at Sydney Aquarium, Sydney, NSW, Australia. High Resolution 3024 x 2012.

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