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Australian Bronze Jumping Spider

Australian Bronze Jumping Spider -

Helpis minitabunda

Other Names: Threatening Jumping Spider

Family: Salticidae (Jumping Spiders). The world's most diverse and abundant spider family, with over 500 described genera and 5000 described species, which is more than 13% of all described spiders.

Size: Body 11-12 mm


References: Whyte and Anderson

About the Australian Bronze Jumping Spider

Some other jumping spiders are shown below the Australian Bronze Jumping Spider. Jumping spiders are among the most visually attractive of all spiders.

Note that dead spiders usually fade in colour, so nearly all the spiders will look blacker or darker in colour in real life than they do in the photos of dead spiders from the museum.

Australian Bronze Jumping Spider - Helpis minitabunda
Photo taken at Australian Museum, Sydney. High Resolution 2572 x 2000.

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